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Why should I upgrade?

The clock is ticking on all Magento 1 based online stores with all updates and security patches to cease as of June 2020.

It is integral to keep up-to-date with the latest security and updates to ensure your store is secure and running smoothly. This is all part of the package with Magento 2.

Multi-source Inventory
Improved performance
Streamlined checkout
Improved admin interface
Improved data migration
Easier extension updating
Improved product uploading
Search engine friendly
Progressive Web Applications (PWA) Studio
Elastic Search

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The risks of not upgrading to Magento 2

There are many risks attached to avoiding a Magento 2 upgrade.

Security Risks

The largest risk that store-owners will take by not upgrading is that of security. With no more security patches available, your store will be vulnerable to malicious software. You could expect:

Server attacks: Your server could be compromised by malware and greatly decrease the functionality of your site.
Front-end attacks: Your store could undergo unwarranted visual alterations.
Payment Capture attacks: Hidden software or malware can be installed to capture private payment information.
Spam attacks: Malware can send out spam email attacks which can result in your site being blacklisted.


It has been widely proven that no site should load in more than 3 seconds. Anything more than this can result in you losing more than half of your traffic. When upgrades cease for Magento 1, loading speeds will continue to increase and that is another reason why it is vital to upgrade to Magento 2.


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