Why Sell Online?

With the total number of internet users predicted to expand to 3.6 billion by 2018, generating an estimated $2,489 billion in retail ecommerce sales¹, why wouldn’t you want your business selling online? Consumers are increasingly moving to online shopping for convenience, product choice and competitive pricing. When push comes to shove, these days, marketing your products online is a necessity rather than just an optional extra.

Sell Online
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Magento, a platform for growth

You wouldn’t build a brick-and-mortar retail store on sand. Likewise, by developing your new ecommerce store on the right foundation, you can assure your overall online success. Magento is the strong foundation on which all of our ecommerce stores are constructed.

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Mobile Commerce

Mobile commerce

Be in your customers’ pockets and eye line wherever they go. On average, 30% of all purchases online now take place on either a phone or a tablet². So, providing a rich mobile experience for your customers is all the more important. Ride with the times. From mobile apps to responsive themes for Magento, Neocreative can provide you with the latest and greatest in mobile commerce.

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